As a conference and festival, the Interventions Berlin are dedicated to a socially relevant topic in the field of culture every year. In 2017 the topic was “Diversity in Arts & Education”, in 2015 & 2016 “Refugees in Arts & Education”and in 2014 Urban Development”. The conference combines the exchange of expertise with critical cultural practice while the festival provides a stage for artistic self-representation and empowerment.

Everyone wants more diversity. But what exactly is meant by that? And what do we really need to sustainably diversify the cultural sector so that it reflects the diversity of our society more authentically? The 2017 Interventions addressed these questions and presented anti-discriminatory and diversity-oriented approaches in the field of culture.

The 2017 multimedia documentary features various underrepresented players and critical experts who have highlighted the broad topic of diversity. The documentary is only available in German.

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INTERVENTIONS is organized by Kulturprojekte Berlin, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media by the order of the German Bundestag and the Senate Department of Culture an Europe.