Open Stage Revue

Thursday – 11/06/2105 – 7 PM – 9 PM

Podewil, Klosterstraße 68, 10179 Berlin

The opening of the INTERVENTIONEN Festival will see young adults and teens take to the stage in a show featuring newcomers to the German capital alongside veteran Berliners and young artists from across the country. The evening will wrap up with an open mic party to celebrate the launch of this unique event.


Alfred Mehnert, musician (Berlin)
Ange da Costa, singer (Angola/Kongo/Berlin)


7 PM – Welcome / Theatersaal, first floor

Moritz van Dülmen
Managing Director, Kulturprojekte Berlin
Moritz von Rappard
Artistic Director of INTERVENTIONEN, Kulturprojekte Berlin

7:05 PM – Open Stage Revue / Theatersaal, first floor

From 8:30 PM – Open mic party / Foyer, ground floor


During INTERVENTIONEN 2015 short films and project documentaries are screened in the foyer of the Podewil.
Hajusom e.V. (Hamburg) / Film University Babelsberg „Konrad Wolf“ (Potsdam) in cooperation with the National Federation of Psychosocial Centres for Refugees and Victims of Torture (Berlin) / Junges DT (Berlin) / Kein Abseits e.V. (Berlin) / State University of Music and the Performing Arts (Stuttgart) / AlarmTheater (Bielefeld)


Friday – 12/06/2015 – 10 AM – 6 PM

Podewil, Klosterstraße 68, 10179 Berlin
Parochialkirche, Klosterstraße 67, 10179 Berlin

Sorry, the conference is fully booked!

The second-most popular destination for migrants worldwide, Germany still struggles to embrace newcomers. Refugees and asylum seekers are excluded from many aspects of public life. Their opinions are seldom sought in the public debate on cultural identity and the new “Us”. Within the field of cultural education a variety of approaches to promoting the integration of newcomers has emerged. These include one-off projects for, with, and by refugees and other migrants as well as the establishment of cooperative ties with emergency shelters and accommodation centres, and campaigns to bring about structural change.

The conference will provide an opportunity to review the current situation and to explore the factors that influence the success or failure of projects, and to network with other individuals and organizations active in this area. In five parallel workshops experts from the fields of culture and education – teens and young adults, recent arrivals, artists, and representatives of initiatives and institutions – will explore a range of questions: How do cultural projects address the needs and abilities of refugees and asylum seekers? How do projects establish lasting ties with participants? What opportunities for self-expression do theatre, music, literature, painting, dance and film create for new arrivals and how does this shape relations between newcomers and society? How can education and culture counteract processes of marginalization and raise awareness among the general public and policy-makers for the needs and interests of those compelled to seek refuge here? Who benefits over the longer term from these approaches?

The findings of the workshops will be presented and discussed at a final plenary session. Designed as a reality check for practitioners, project leaders and organizations, INTERVENTIONEN is a space to develop new ideas and practices that will inform the future of cultural education in this field. An overview of the various projects and practices will be published on in the wake of the conference.


Nevroz Duman, Jugendliche ohne Grenzen/Pro Asyl (Hanau) / Tschingis Sülejmanov, Jugendliche ohne Grenzen/Beratungs- und Betreuungszentrum für junge Flüchtlinge und Migrant*innen (Berlin) / Pauline Henze, Jugendliche ohne Grenzen (Berlin) / Mohammed Jouni, Jugendliche ohne Grenzen (Berlin) / Susanne Stemmler, cultural scientist (Berlin)


9 AM – Registration / Podewil

10 AM – Welcome / Parochialkirche

Arnold Bischinger
Head of Cultural Education / Cultural Mediation, Kulturprojekte Berlin

10:05 AM – Introduction / Parochialkirche

Susanne Stemmler
Conference curator / cultural scientist (Berlin)
Tschingis Sülejmanov
Jugendliche ohne Grenzen/ BBZ (Berlin)

10:30 AM – 4 PM – Parallel workshops / Podewil & Parochialkirche

Please note that participants cannot switch between workshops in progress. Includes breaks for lunch and coffee.

4:30 PM – 6 PM – Plenary session / Parochialkirche

Presentation of workshop outcomes
Moderators: Tschingis Sülejmanov & Susanne Stemmler

7:30 PM – Performance / Podewil

Coming of Age oder was heißt hier erwachsen werden?


During INTERVENTIONEN 2015 short films and project documentaries are screened in the foyer of the Podewil.
Hajusom e.V. (Hamburg) / Film University Babelsberg „Konrad Wolf“ (Potsdam) in cooperation with the National Federation of Psychosocial Centres for Refugees and Victims of Torture (Berlin) / Junges DT (Berlin) / Kein Abseits e.V. (Berlin) / State University of Music and the Performing Arts (Stuttgart) / AlarmTheater (Bielefeld)

Podewil (Konferenzraum/Ground floor)

“Rethinking refugee accommodation”

Drawing inspiration from art and architecture for new housing solutions

Moderators: Nurjana Arslanova, Jugendliche ohne Grenzen (Gifhorn) / Nelli Foumba Soumaro, Jugendliche ohne Grenzen (Hamm)

Welcome to the provinces! Located within industrial estates, forests or on the outskirts of town, many accommodation centres make it difficult – if not impossible – for newly arrived refugees to forge ties with their host country. But new approaches to housing are on the horizon. We want to discuss alternatives to collective accommodation, how to create them, and what it takes to make them work.

With: Fahard Sidiqi & Stef Maldener, Grand Hotel Cosmopolis (Augsburg) / Christoph Stark & Agnieszka Wnuczak, kitev – Kultur im Turm (Oberhausen) / Jan Nadolny, AWO Kreisverband Berlin-Mitte / Monika Bergen, Flüchtlingsrat Berlin / Katharina Rohde, architect / curator (Berlin) / Barbara Caveng, Kunstasyl (Berlin) / Volkmar Nickol, architect (Berlin) / Daniel Wagner, student and coordinator for Grandcosmos Berlin / Deutscher Städte- und Gemeindebund (Berlin) / Mustafa Almasri, Abdul Almasri & Padre Alfred Tönnis, Stiftung Heimat geben (Oggelsbeuren) / Mareike Geiling, (Berlin) / Dr. Dorothea v. Stumpfeldt, doctor (Berlin)

Podewil (Probebühne/First floor)

“The professionals”

Cherishing the talents of refugees and creating career perspectives through cultural education

Moderators: Mohammed Jouni, Jugendliche ohne Grenzen (Berlin) / Kerstin Schukalla, BBZ (Berlin)

Those skilled professionals that policy-makers keep talking about? They’re already here! How can the wealth of informal knowledge, professional and personal experience, and academic and vocational training brought to Germany by refugees be put to use despite the restrictions on the employment of individuals whose residency status is unclear? This workshop will examine various approaches developed in the field of cultural education which foster the talents and skills of refugees, help to identify skilled professionals, and create employment perspectives.

With: Heike Birkhölzer, Graefewirtschaft/Technologie-Netzwerk Berlin (Berlin) / Pierre Vicky Sonkeng, Flüchtlingsrat Brandenburg / Malve Lippmann, bi’bak (Berlin) / Sigrid Mager, Federal Employment Agency – Office Berlin Süd / Andrea Tittel, Federal Employment Agency – Regional Directorate Berlin-Brandenburg (Berlin) / Model project “Jeder Mensch hat Potenzial – Arbeitsmarktintegration von Asylbewerberinnen und Asylbewerbern” / Projekt „Kommen und Bleiben“, Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee / Wings University (Berlin)

Podewil (Tanzstudio/Third floor)

“Are you German or refugee?”

Between withdrawal and radicalization: new narratives, images and cultural practices in the arts

Moderators: Sarah Bergh, cultural educator (Munich) / Oliver Kontny, author / dramaturge (Bochum)

Should we seek out new ground or tap into existing cultural infrastructures? The notion that the languages of theatre, music, visual art, dance literature and sport can be employed to foster and promote social inclusion is a persuasive one, leading to high expectations within cultural institutions and the wider independent arts scene. The arts do indeed create spaces for people with refugee backgrounds and cultural practitioners in general to explore their imaginations. The circumstances of many refugees – survivors rather than victims – places them in a position to expand the (trans-)cultural horizons of German society and to foster global exchange between their countries of origin and the diaspora, promising a wealth of material for new narratives, new images and new cultural practices. In this workshop we will talk about the strategies and attitudes informing various approaches and reflect on the roles of diverse actors in a field that oscillates between withdrawal and radicalization.

With: Taghrid Choucair-Vizoso, performer (London) / Alexander Luckmann, theatre writer (Berlin) / Ahmed Shah, JugendtheaterBüro Berlin/Refugee Club Impulse (Berlin) / Lydia Ziemke, suite42 (Berlin) / Philipp Harpain, GRIPS Theater (Berlin) / Hajusom (Hamburg) / Stefan Hayn, painter / film director (Berlin) / Paula M. Hildebrandt, Welcome City (Hamburg) / Kristina Stang, Deutsches Theater (Berlin) / Markus Huber, German Federal Cultural Foundation (Halle/Saale)

Podewil (Klub/Ground floor)


Providing access to education for children and young persons without permanent residency through scholastic and extracurricular cultural education

Moderators: Newroz Duman, Jugendliche ohne Grenzen/Pro Asyl (Hanau) / Tschingis Sülejmanov, Jugendliche ohne Grenzen/Beratungs- und Betreuungszentrum für junge Flüchtlinge und Migrant*innen (Berlin)

There are around 65,000 minors living in Germany without permanent residency. Fulfilling their right to education – guaranteed under both the German constitution and international law – is fraught with difficulty as legislation governing access to schools varies from one federal state to the next. In this workshop we will discuss sensitive and productive approaches to addressing multilingualism, trauma, instability and fluctuation in scholastic and extracurricular cultural education contexts with accompanied and unaccompanied young refugees.

With: Judith Strohm, Deutsche Kinder und Jugendstiftung (Berlin) / Jasmin Azar, Kein Abseits (Berlin) / Yilmaz Holtz-Erşahin, Interkulturelle Bibliothek in der Stadtbibliothek Duisburg / No-Border (Düsseldorf) / Torsten Nagel, SJD Die Falken (Düsseldorf) / Robby Hillmanns, zakk (Düsseldorf) / AlarmTheater (Bielefeld) / Lena Strohmeier, Lisanda (Berlin) / boat people projekt (Göttingen) / Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (Bonn) / Carolin Gaffron, Champions ohne Grenzen (Berlin)



Creating partnerships between refugees, cultural institutions and civil society

Moderators: Olad Aden (Gangway, Berlin) / Leonie Baumann (Berlin Weißensee University of the Arts)

Established providers of advisory services to migrants and refugees have been joined in their efforts by a variety of cultural institutions and actors from civil society. Together, they are facilitating creative projects within accommodation centres and cultural institutions and forging ties between refugees and their host country. These projects create a space for shared learning experiences among equals and the chance to create something together. What role can advisory services play in facilitating the establishment of long-term projects? How can partnerships be developed involving volunteers, cultural and artistic institutions, and accommodation centres? What insights does research on migration and race relations hold for those working within the field of cultural education for refugees? How can providers identify the specific needs of refugees without constructing paternalistic notions of “difference” and reducing individuals to their status as “refugees”?

With: Dorothea Kolland, Rat für die Künste (Berlin) / Bernd Knopf, Office of the Federal Commissioner for Migration and Refugees (Berlin) / Berlin Mondiale / Christel Hartmann-Fritsch, Genshagen Foundation (Ludwigsfelde) / Anja Turner, Kulturbehörde Hamburg / Mekonnen Mesghena, Heinrich Böll Foundation (Berlin) / Miriam Lemdjadi, Lea Jarnicki & Nina Weber, BewegGründe (Westerwald/Bonn) / Isabel Aguirre, No Boundaries (Berlin) / Azadeh Sharifi, scholar (Berlin) / Michaela Stoffels, German Adult Education Association (Bonn)

4:30 PM – 6 PM

Plenary session and presentation of workshop outcomes

7:30 PM – Podewil, Klosterstraße 68, 10179 Berlin
Admission: 3,50 Euro / remaining tickets will be available at the box office


THEATER AN DER PARKAUE / AWO Refugium Lichtenberg (Berlin)

What comes next after school? When do you become an adult? When you have children? When you buy a house? Or when you get a job? Is it my driving licence that makes me an adult? Or my first apartment? What does the future hold for me in Germany? Does adulthood feel different to youth? What does it mean to stand on your own two feet? Have I entered the ‘odyssey years’? How important are my first cigarette or my first love?
At what age will I have to take care of myself? And who decides?

Together a group of young Berliners and refugees explore the subject of adulthood. Aged 16-22 years, the performers in this work are about to leave their childhoods behind and enter a new phase in life. They talk about childhood and the future, what they want, what they remember, and what they dream of achieving. They ask questions and get to know each other. They overcome language barriers. They recite, they sing, they dance and they stand together on stage.

In German with Arabic subtitles, approx. 45 minutes.
All photography (film and stills) is strictly prohibited during this performance.

With: Mohammed Abdalaziz / Shaheen Al-Obaidi / George Awaf / Lama Ayman / Leon Blaschke / Lina Gasenzer / Felix Klinke / Delva Mohamed / Lucie Oelschläger / Hannah Rolletschek / Yolanda Rüchel / Joelle Schindler / Veronia Wahba

Artistic direction: Joanna Praml
Props: Jana Denhoven
Artistic assistant / Consulting dramaturge: Rudi Keiler Gomez de Mello
Video: Daniel Sebastian Bergius
Translation / Subtitles: Veronia Wahba


Saturday – 13/06/2015 – 12 noon – 11 PM

Podewil, Klosterstraße 68, 10179 Berlin
Parochialkirche, Klosterstraße 67, 10179 Berlin
ORWOhaus, Frank-Zappa-Straße 19, 12681 Berlin
AWO Refugium Askanierring, Askanierring 71a, 13587 Berlin
AWO Refugium Buch, Groscurthstraße 29, 13125 Berlin

INTERVENTIONEN showcases projects and initiatives from Berlin and across Germany which provide cultural education services to refugees across a broad spectrum of artistic disciplines and practices. The presentations will offer insights into the work of diverse projects and an opportunity to discuss a range of questions: What opportunities for expression do theatre, music, literature, painting, dance and film create for newly arrived refugees, and what benefits does this provide? How does this affect relations between new arrivals and civil society in Germany? How do refugees perceive cultural education services in light of their often difficult circumstances? What motivates project initiators, and what experiences have they made in their practical work? And last but not least, how do participants deal with the growing hype surrounding refugee-focussed artistic projects?

Schedule presentations

3:30 PM – Welcome / Podewil

Arnold Bischinger
Arnold Bischinger, Head of Cultural Education / Cultural Mediation, Kulturprojekte Berlin

3:35 PM – Introduction

Anna Zosik
Festival curator, eck_ik büro für arbeit mit kunst (Berlin)

4 PM – 4:50 PM

Slot 1 – Parallel presentations

5:20 PM – 6:10 PM

Slot 2 – Parallel presentations

6:40 PM – 7:30 PM

Slot 3 – Parallel presentations


During INTERVENTIONEN 2015 short films and project documentaries are screened in the foyer of the Podewil.
Hajusom e.V. (Hamburg) / Film University Babelsberg „Konrad Wolf“ (Potsdam) in cooperation with the National Federation of Psychosocial Centres for Refugees and Victims of Torture (Berlin) / Junges DT (Berlin) / Kein Abseits e.V. (Berlin) / State University of Music and the Performing Arts (Stuttgart) / AlarmTheater (Bielefeld)

Schedule music project

12 noon – 12:30 PM – Intervention 1

AWO Refugium Askanierring
Liebling Flüchtling
Bernadette La Hengst, musician (Berlin)

12 noon – 1 PM – Intervention 2

AWO Refugium Buch
Willkommen zuhause!
Heinz Ratz, musician (Kiel) / Gangway Beatz (Berlin)

6 PM – 11 PM – Intervention 3

ORWOhaus Marzahn
Beats against Borders
Peter Fox, musician (Berlin) + BÄM! Drumline (Berlin) u.a.

8 PM – 10 PM – Assembly

Open air
with No-Border & bands from Berlin

4 PM – 4:50 PM
Parallel presentations SLOT 1


ICH BIN / Poetics – Languages – Choir – Performance

Lydia Ziemke, suite42 (Berlin)

In conversation with Stefan Fischer-Fels, GRIPS Theater (Berlin)

Intimidation, fear, and frustration loom large in the stories of every refugee. Faced with the challenge of learning a new language, it is easy to lose touch with your own voice. But it is words that create the connections between the self and world around us. Language is the foundation for participation, understanding and self-realization, for friendship and trust. Mother tongues, colonial languages, refugee languages and guest languages are the raw materials of self-expression for a complex and poetic choral performance. Led by Lydia Ziemke, suite42 unites theatre-makers and other artists in projects that explore both crucial moments in history and the effects of violence and migration on individuals and societies. Working both on and off stage, suite42 productions draw on the findings of academic research and a variety of artistic sources.

Podewil (Theatersaal/First floor)

Letters Home / Performance (Excerpt)

Refugee Club Impulse (Berlin)

In conversation with Cigir Özyurt, JugendtheaterBüro Berlin

Letters Home is a performative work that seeks to communicate our experiences and perceptions of life in the German capital. How do we perceive Germany? What does reality look like when seen through the eyes of the “others”? Letters Home does not deal in abstractions or mere paragraphs – our stories traverse worlds, languages, and peoples. The work is not an attempt to garner pity, rather we hope through our performance to generate support in the struggle against current asylum policy.

The Refugee Club Impulse is an international, grass roots group that fights for the rights of refugees. Theatre is a tool to promote integration and involve refugees in society.

Podewil (Probebühne/First floor)

AlarmTheater / Documentary / Bielefeld

In conversation with Veronika Gerhard, akademie der autodidakten (Berlin)

AlarmTheater is an independent theatre company with its own stage in Bielefeld. The company produces up to eight productions for young adults and teens each year, with around twenty performers in each production. The company also carries out projects in cooperation with refugee groups, integration initiatives, initiatives to prevent violence and substance abuse, museums, schools and prisons. We carry out theatre work in cooperation with local, regional, and international partners and with a team of people of various ages, nationalities and backgrounds. AlarmTheater takes theatre where it is needed, creating productions of a high standard that focus on important social issues.

Podewil (Club/Ground floor)

Blicke / Glances – A project by Mona Jas / Exhibition

Berlin Mondiale: KW Institute for Contemporary Art und ASB Notunterkunft Alt-Moabit (Berlin)

In conversation with Andre Raatzsch, bildender Künstler (Berlin)

Bringing together children and young adults from Alt-Moabit with artists and students, Blicke / Glances examines perceptions of urban space in an effort to forge ties between the KW Institute for Contemporary Art and refugees living at the ASB emergency shelter. Together the participants explored the cityscape between the shelter and the KW Institute, taking a closer look at both the Brandenburg Gate and the exhibitions on display. Drawing on a range of perspectives and impressions, the participants re-imagined their findings in artistic processes which transformed images, perceptions, experiences, and impressions as they developed a collection of work according to their own principles. The result is an album of work that is reflective of this collective experience.

5:20 PM – 6:10 PM
Parallel presentations SLOT 2

Podewil (Theatersaal/First floor)

Hajusom – transnationale Kunst /
Documentary / Hamburg

In conversation with Sarah Bergh, cultural educator (München)

Established in 1999, Hajusom provides a space where art meets life in Hamburg and where participants engage in collective creative processes as the antithesis of cultural, religious and political dominance. For the performers from Hajusom migration is simply another aspect of human existence – another layer to the map of life. Hajusom seeks to make a positive contribution to social peace through artistic interventions in current debates on migration policy.

Podewil (Studio 2/Ground floor)

No-Border / Reading

A project by the Sozialistische Jugend Deutschlands – Die Falken, Flüchtlingsinitiative STAY! and Kulturzentrum zakk (Düsseldorf)

In conversation with Soraya Gomis, educator (Berlin)

No-Border is a book and music project which lends young refugees a voice and promotes solidarity, respect, and tolerance. With the assistance of author Pamela Granderath, five youths with refugee backgrounds composed texts which open a window onto their past and present-day lives. The texts were published in a book alongside a selection of articles examining European and German policies on asylum and migration, Frontex and racism. QR codes embedded in the book allow readers to download three songs performed by the authors together with other youths under the direction of musician Michio Woirgardt.

Podewil (Hof/Foyer) – from 11 AM !!

Zu dir oder zu mir? –
exhibition and workshop

Simone Schander, Vanessa Gärtner & Rainer Untch (Berlin)

In conversation with Katharina Rohde, curator / urbanist (Berlin)

Zu dir oder zu mir? brought together fifty young people – some recent arrivals to Germany, the others born and raised here – for just three weeks to develop an exhibition that explores their own particular vision of the world, presenting their desires, expectations, and hopes in a space of their creation. The project culminated in the official opening of the exhibition in the lobby of the town hall in Berlin’s Pankow district. The initiators of this unique project – Simone Schander, Vanessa Gärtner and Rainer Untch – have carried out a number of projects with young migrants with a particular focus on urban planning and the perception of urban space, most notably Die Pappenheimer in 2013.

Podewil (Tanzstudio/Third floor)

Junction Kreuzberg / Generalprobe Tanz

Jo Parkes, Mobile Dance Company (Berlin)

In conversation with Ulrich Huhn, dancer / dance mediator (Berlin)

Junction Kreuzberg is a dance workshop for young people that is staged on a weekly basis in a transition shelter for refugees in Kreuzberg. Jo Parkes (dancer) and Barbara Weidner (remedial teacher) work at the shelter together with a small team of dance artists, musicians and photographers. The project, which will run for nine months, aims to provide a space for young people to meet and collaborate within a creative environment that will enable them to communicate through and with their bodies, while also training their self-awareness and their ability to use the bodies as a medium of self-expression and forging ties with young people at schools in Kreuzberg.

6:40 PM – 7:30 PM
Parallel presentations SLOT 3


CABUWAZI beyond borders / Acrobatics / Berlin

In conversation with Ylva Queisser, Zirkus macht stark – Zirkus für alle (Berlin)

CABUWAZI beyond borders is a pilot project currently under way at locations across Berlin with a focus on staging circus projects for children and youths with refugee backgrounds and other young people. The five-day circus workshops provide an opportunity for roughly 30 participants to learn new skills under the guidance of experienced circus teachers. The project weeks begin with playful exercises to heighten the participants’ physical awareness before participants test the waters in a range of disciplines, including tightrope walking, juggling, tumbling and trampolining. Training intensifies towards the end of the week as the participants work together to develop a full-scale circus show which is presented to parents, friends, shelter staff and others at the conclusion of the week.

Podewil (Theatersaal/First floor)

Im Schloss – Deutschland für Anfänger /

boat people projekt (Göttingen)

In conversation with Sarah Bergh, cultural educator (München)

Established in 2009, boat people projekt develops, writes and stages theatre productions that address the subjects of displacement and migration with international teams of experienced theatre-makers and refugees. Directed by Luise Rist, Hans Kaul, Mark Kutah and Jay Deliny, the junge boat people projekt is based at the premises of a former supermarket in a vacant shopping mall which has now become a place of refuge and welcome. The group’s second work is currently in production: Im Schloss – Deutschland für Anfänger. Most of the project’s participants fled to Germany from Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Somalia, Iraq and Kosovo, but the group also includes young people who grew up in Germany. boat people projekt was recently awarded the 2015 Initiativpreis of the Hanns Lilje Foundation.

Podewil (Konferenzraum/Ground floor)


A project by the Leipzig Museum of Contemporary Art (GfZK)

In conversation with Malve Lippmann & Can Sungu, bi‘bak (Berlin)

As part of its kennen.lernen project the Museum of Contemporary Art (GfZK) in Leipzig hosted a space for asylum seekers and local residents to meet from October through November 2014. Participants in this project got to know each other at weekly meetings where they explored a range of issues in a process of practical artistic and aesthetic research.
The museum’s department of art mediation and education delivers its services to children, young people and adults. Projects organized by the department focus on promoting interaction and exchange between diverse groups and provide a space for the discussion of important social issues. The GfZK operates as a “learning museum”.

Podewil (Club/Ground floor)

NIE WIEDER KLUG – Wer ist der Fremde? / Film

Stefan Hayn, film maker (Berlin)

In conversation with Susanne Stemmler, curator / cultural scientist (Berlin)

In 2014 film-maker and visual artist Stefan Hayn produced a short film based on the folk tale The Wise Men of Schilda (1597-98) together with 4th, 5th and 6th grade pupils from Nürtingen Primary School in Kreuzberg, Berlin. The film focuses on a passage in the children’s book Bei uns in Schilda by Otfried Preußler, in which the citizens of Schilda raze their town and then blame their actions on a stranger. (Aus Angst vor dem schrecklichen Maushund – einer harmlosen Katze – verbrennen die Schildbürger ihr Städtchen. Die Schuld daran geben sie einem Fremden, der den Großeltern das Unglück vorausgesagt hat und den Enkeln den Maushund verkaufte.) The film will be preceded by an outline of its representation of “Otherness” by film-maker Stefan Hayn, who will take questions following the screening.

Podewil (Probebühne/First floor)

10 Jahre Jugendliche ohne Grenzen / Documentary and performance


In conversation with Tania Meyer, University of Potsdam

In 2005 around 20 youths enrolled at the BBZ vocational training centre in Berlin visited GRIPS Theatre. They talked about their fear of deportation, the employment and training restrictions, and the mandatory residence requirements that governed their everyday lives. The theatre-makers at GRIPS made further inquiries and invited the youths to develop a series of modules with them. Together they launched appeals to politicians, prepared teaching materials, researched individual cases, developed a theatre-piece and established a network of groups across the country. The group seeks to raise public awareness of the situation of refugees in Germany and to lobby for the adoption of policies that respect human rights and the rights of children in particular. Their efforts led to the establishment of Jugendliche ohne Grenzen (Youth Without Borders), currently the most important political organ for young refugees in Germany.

12 noon – 11 PM
Music project

12 noon – 12:30 PM – Intervention 1
AWO Refugium Askanierring

Liebling Flüchtling

Bernadette La Hengst, musician (Berlin)

Liebling Flüchtling – love songs presented by Bernadette La Hengst and a group of young refugees.

1:30 – 2 pm – Intervention 2
AWO Refugium Buch

Willkommen zuhause!

Heinz Ratz, musician (Kiel) / Gangway Beatz (Berlin)

What did refugees imagine they would find in Germany and what was the reality on the ground? Heinz Ratz and Gangway Beatz have worked with young refugees to put their experiences into music: Willkommen zuhause!

6 PM – 11 PM – Intervention 3
ORWOhaus Marzahn

Beats against Borders

Peter Fox, musician (Berlin) + BÄM! Drumline (Berlin) and others

Betonia Youth Centre is standing up for inter-cultural understanding by welcoming its new neighbours with a party: Beats Against Borders – New Kids On The Block. Featuring Peter Fox + BÄM! Drumline.

8 PM – 10 PM – Assembly

Open air

mit No-Border & bands from Berlin

In the evening Bernadette La Hengst, Heinz Ratz and Gangway Beatz Open Air will present their projects in the courtyard of the Podewil Palace. The night will wrap up with live performances by No-Border from Düsseldorf and other musicians from Berlin.