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As a conference and festival, the Interventions Berlin are dedicated to a socially relevant topic in the field of culture every year. In 2017 the topic was “Diversity in Arts & Education”, in 2015 & 2016 “Refugees in Arts & Education” and in 2014 “Urban Developent”. The conference combines the exchange of expertise with critical cultural practice while the festival provides a stage for artistic self-representation and empowerment.

In 2017, we asked ourselves what had developed from the diverse social and artistic commitment of cultural actors and cultural institutions. Despite positive examples, it is evident that the cultural field has only changed its basic self-understanding in dealing with diversity to a limited extent. The lack of diversity in artistic leadership and decision-making positions of many institutions continues to be a reality. As diversity work should go beyond merely focusing on visitor numbers and a “more” approach, 2017 methods were presented that promote diversity in personnel, the public and the program.

Justine Donner, Caroline Froelich, Alexandra Giebel, Lisa Scheibner, Bahareh Sharifi

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